Best bank investment

Best bank investment

In today’s rapidly changing world, constant learning and development are essential in almost any field of activity.

Most times, valuable solutions to everyday challenges come from the predictable places or trainings, other times from surprising sources. One of the examples Steve Jobs gave from his personal experience, during a memorable commencement address at a reputable American University is quite notorious and relevant for what was stated above. During college – and we can call it intuition or simple curiosity - Jobs took a single calligraphy class, which later on proved to have been priceless. “If I had never dropped in on that single course in college, the Mac would have never had multiple typefaces or proportionally spaced fonts” said Steve Jobs.

Thus, our vision at UniCredit Tiriac Bank is to achieve the best possible results as a team, while supporting and encouraging each individual to reach an optimal potential, in accordance to their professional goals and abilities. The people of our organization are the most valuable for us, regardless of the different phases of economic cycles or any other aspects and this is why our high priority is their development.

Training hours in our bank last year totalized over 45,000, which means nearly 16 training hours per employee and I believe this stands for the seriousness taken in developing  people. We put substantial efforts in developing different managerial initiatives, like development centers, managerial workshops & trainings, first-time manager program, coaching program, that aim at building a sustainable leadership style within the company. We also developed internally an extensive soft skills training curricula (change management, personal efficiency, persuasive communication, presentation skills and others) available for all our employees.

UniCredit Tiriac Bank is one of the few banks on the Romanian market which continued to deliver profits during these difficult last years, while growing loans and deposit volumes and financing the real economy with the same solid commitment.  Since we constantly aim at providing the best available solution, always improving the quality of services and products for clients, our role as a team and the professional development of our employees are essential in achieving this model.

Last year brought us a very important distinction in the field of human resources, since UniCredit Tiriac Bank was certified Top Employers Europe 2012 by the Corporate Research Foundation (CRF), an independent research institute of HR standards and working conditions in European companies. In the process of identifying and auditing best employers, the bank has received this distinction which contributed to the financial certification among Top Employers Europe 2012 for the second consecutive year, a first time in the history of CRF activity.

The bank thus became the first and only financial institution in Romania which ranks among employers with the highest standards and practices of human resource management in Europe.

UniCredit Tiriac Bank has undergone research and audit processes, in which basic benefits were evaluated, secondary benefits package and working conditions, training and development, career opportunities and company culture. CRF Institute methodology in selecting Top Employers is based on three levels of evaluation: a complex research based on factual information, interviews with company representatives and a comparative assessment of participating companies. The methodology is certified by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Business Environment in the Netherlands, being audited by Grant Thornton Research, one of the largest auditing firms in the world.

The Top Employer certification also aligns with the fact that, starting from2010, we are an ACCA  Approved Employer. These two distinctions recognize our ongoing effort to recruit, develop and promote the best professionals in the field.

Focusing on the here and now is important, but not enough. Sustainable human resources policies have to constantly keep an eye on the future developments and needs for the company, as well as the communities in which the organization is present. In Romania, steps towards a more coherent and fruitful collaboration between Universities and potential/future employers were already taken, but of course there is still a lot of room for further constructive efforts from both sides.

UniCredit offers a range of local and international internships, graduate entry programs, masters and scholarships for students and graduates.

We have partnerships with many Universities in Romaniaand we offer real life workshops and various instruments for students who are confident about taking their future in their own hands.

Our programs include banking knowledge courses , discussion sessions with  top managers of our  bank on leadership themes, practical sessions with real work situations, emotional intelligence workshops,  advanced internships in Head Office and in our branches.

Involvement by strong organizations from the business sector in the academic and early professional formation of students is key to ensure continuity and stability for the future, in banking as well as any business field.