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Permacrisis, subject of intense debates at the 21st edition of the CEO Conference - Shaping the Future conference in Cluj-Napoca

How will the business environment respond to the complex challenges of 2024? Current forecasts…

CEO Conference - Shaping the Future takes, in Cluj-Napoca, the economic x-ray of the year 2023 and shows the perspectives of the year 2024

The most important business leaders from Transylvania will participate in the 21st edition of…

Permacrisis, the most used word by business leaders at the 20th edition of the “CEO Conference – Shaping the Future”

Amid accelerating business evolution, CEOs advise strategic courage and optimism for resilience in the…

”CEO Conference – Shaping the Future”, the premier event for business leaders, reaches its 20th edition in 2023

Mastering the new reality, a year of unique challenges on the CEO's agenda