Permacrisis, the most used word by business leaders at the 20th edition of the “CEO Conference – Shaping the Future”

Permacrisis, the most used word by business leaders at the 20th edition of the “CEO Conference – Shaping the Future”

Amid accelerating business evolution, CEOs advise strategic courage and optimism for resilience in the context of permanent overlapping crisis

”CEO Conference – Shaping the Future”, the premier event for business leaders and top executives from major companies in Romania, concluded on 16 May 2023 at Radisson Blu Hotel in Bucharest, leaving a valuable perspective about the evolutions in the domestic business landscape.

With over 150 influential CEOs in attendance, this year's conference exceeded expectations,  catalyzing dynamic discussions, collaborations, and strategic planning amidst a rapidly evolving economic landscape.

The debates of the conference focused on the challenges facing Romanian companies in the current economic, social, technological, and legislative climate, as the main theme of this year's conference was Mastering the New Reality, which reflected the need for all the companies to adapt to the changing business environment.

During the conference, the following key recommendations emerged as the guiding principles for addressing “permacrisis” challenges:

• Adopting a "growth mindset": The top leaders stressed the importance of embracing a mentality oriented towards continuous growth and development. They emphasized the need to be ready to adapt and learn from every experience, explore new opportunities, and find innovative solutions to strengthen businesses in the face of permacrisis.

• Building an agile, collaborative culture: Open communication and collaboration between teams and departments were identified as crucial components of a successful strategy. The leaders emphasized the significance of sharing knowledge and ideas to accelerate innovation and find better solutions to the complex challenges presented by the permacrisis.

• Operating with calculated strategic courage: The top leaders highlighted the necessity of making bold decisions and taking calculated risks to progress and gain a competitive advantage in an uncertain and volatile environment. They stressed that embracing strategic courage is vital for organizations to thrive during the permacrisis.

• Gaining resilience in the face of permacrisis: The leaders emphasized the importance of resilience as a key attribute for success. They emphasized the need for organizations to adapt quickly to sudden changes, bounce back from setbacks, and  confidently reinvent themselves. Resilience was identified as a determining factor for long-term success.

• Making corporate governance a crucial pillar in business: The leaders emphasized the significance of sound principles of governance, ethics, and transparency to build trust, stability, and autonomy within organizations. They highlighted that strong corporate governance practices are essential for  successfully navigating the permacrisis challenges.

CEOs of major companies in Romania were speakers at this 20th edition of the CEO Conference, as follows:

Adrian Ariciu - CEO METRO Romania, Marius Meleșteu - General Manager Strauss Romania, Lacramioara Diaconu-Pințea - Country Manager OX2 Romania, Gabriel Ivan - Country General Manager CHEP Romania & Bulgaria.

Florin Popa - Business to Business Director Orange Romania, Bogdan Putinica - Country Manager Romania & Moldova Microsoft, Lucian Enaru - Country General Manager Romania & Moldova Schneider Electric, Gabriel Pavel - Regional Director, Balkans, Hungary, Czech & Slovakia Fujitsu, Radu Hanga - Chairman of the Board of Governors, Bucharest Stock Exchange.


Special guest: Raluca Negulescu-Balaci, Executive Director, UiPath Foundation.

The chairman of the conference was Marius Perșinaru, CEO, Entrepreneur, and Strategic and Organizational Consultant with extended experience in managing large companies in Romania and the region.

"We are glad to see the success of this year's CEO Conference", said Mr. said Dumitru Ion, CEO of Doingbusiness.ro and Kompass Romania, the event organizer. "The energy and determination displayed by the participants reflect the vision of these Romanian business leaders for shaping the future. We are confident that the connections established and the knowledge shared during this event will pave the way for positive achievements in the months ahead", added Dumitru Ion.

Attending the CEO Conference provided a great opportunity for top executives to exchange ideas, share best practices, and meet leading speakers. The conference offered a platform for participants to network with peers and gain insights into the latest trends and developments in the industry.

The event was supported by important Premium Partners: Bucharest Stock Exchange, CHEP, Fujitsu, METRO Romania, Microsoft Romania, Orange Business, OX2 Romania, Schneider Electric, Strauss Romania, and Dent Estet.

Partners to the CEO Conference were the following: UiPath Foundation, PWN Romania, Valoria Business Solutions, HIKVISION, Emporium Consulting, Ambasada Sustenabilitații în Romania, Creative & Bright, and Kompass Romania.

As the conference drew to a close, we say attendees departing with renewed inspiration, motivation, and a fresh arsenal of strategies and insights to propel their respective organizations forward”, said Diana Dumitrașcu, Executive Director, Doingbusiness.ro.

Against the backdrop of macroeconomic changes, the CEO Conference provided a platform for authentic leaders, representatives of powerful Romanian brands, and executives from major industries such as finance, banking, insurance, automotive, energy and utilities, IT, construction, pharma, and many more to converge.

The anticipation for the next edition of the CEO Conference that will take place on 22 November 2023 in Cluj-Napoca is already building, with expectations for even greater influence in empowering CEOs to navigate challenges and seize emerging opportunities.

For more information and updates on future events, please visit www.ceoconference.ro.

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