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Addressing a rational informed consumer

If I were to describe the consumer in 2 words, and I am referring…


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Carrefour's multinational company has chosen Artificial Intelligence (IA) solutions offered by SAS to optimize its distribution network management and reduce food waste

Carrefour uses SAS Viya Solution to become the first French retailer to use Artificial…

Carrefour Group officially launches in Romania its online store

Carrefour is the first to launch in Romania an online shopping site with FMCG…

Carrefour Romania supports Romanian producers

Carrefour strategy for 2013 aims to develop partnerships with the local traders and producers

Carrefour expands with the sixth supermarket opened at Constanta

Grupul francez a anuntat ca va deschide un al saselea supermarket la Constanta, ridicand…

Carrefour opens its third supermarket in Bacau, on Thursday, Feb. 7

Tomorrow, February 7, 2013, Carrefour will open the third supermarket in Bacau, increasing the…