COVID-19 measures: An overview on 26 countries across Europe

COVID-19 measures: An overview on 26 countries across Europe

Update on EU countries measures on COVID-19

Facing the consequences of the COVID-19 Pandemic, which go far beyond the crucial element of public health, many European countries have prepared and implemented immediate measures in order to mitigate the social and economic impact of the outbreak. Highlighting the most important fields of action of 26 European countries, Deloitte puts under a magnifying glass the measures adopted in the economic, social and employment areas.

The Deloitte COVID-19 EU measures booklet provides meaningful synthetized information on the major measures taken in those countries with the aim of stopping the spread of COVID-19 and mitigating its consequences. It aims at giving an overview on these multilayered measures, thereby decreasing complexity for businesses who need to be informed about the situation in numerous jurisdictions. The material is constantly updated - on a weekly basis - to reflect the dynamic situation.

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