Commerce 2040: The Future of the Store in a Digital World

Commerce 2040: The Future of the Store in a Digital World

By: Michelle Evans, Senior Head of Global Digital Consumer Research, Euromonitor International; Barry Thomas, Head of International Customer Marketing and Future of Commerce, The Coca-Cola Company; Jason “Retailgeek” Goldberg, Chief Commerce Strategy Officer, Publicis Communications; Emily Xu, Chief Marketing Officer

By 2040, physical stores as we know them will completely change. The shift towards e-commerce is forcing retailers and brands to rethink the purpose and use of stores. From drones to robotics, you'll get a glimpse into the technologies that will inspire the future retail environment.

During this on-demand event, you will:

  • Get a vision into the retail store of 2040 and the innovative technologies transforming the shopping experience
  • Discover how regional trends will influence the way physical stores will take shape in 20 years
  • Hear from leading business executives about their perspectives on the future of retail


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