Valoria: The third edition of the Barometer of Digitalization will show how much companies in Romania have advanced with the digital transformation

Valoria: The third edition of the Barometer of Digitalization will show how much companies in Romania have advanced with the digital transformation

The consulting company Valoria has started collecting the answers for the third edition of the study "The Barometer of digitalization in Romanian companies".

Carried out in collaboration with Doingbusiness.ro, the Barometer surveys the perceptions of managers and executives regarding the evolution and impact of digitalization on companies in Romania.

The general working definition of digitalization is the use of technology for storing and processing, searching and retrieving information between online users. The new edition of the study will show the main technologies that are transforming the business environment today, from artificial intelligence, Robotic Process Automation and Big Data, to 3D printers, the Internet of Things (IoT), robots and drones specific to the fourth industrial revolution.

"For companies the "voluntary digitalization" did not work. If before the crisis you asked a manager about this topic, he would often told you that there is interest in "this area", but that there are operational inertia, organizational resistance, and resources allocated for more urgent projects. Today, under the impact of the pandemic, when logging on to the laptop at home takes the place of the card for access to the workplace, digital documents are widely replacing paper. Collaborative work platforms are proving to be reliable alternatives to live team meetings, and automation with the help of RPA replaces the repetitive processes provided by many employees. In this context, we are curious to find out what the top managers will answer. What solutions did they adopt in response to the challenge of the moment? The Barometer of Digitalization is the only study that aims to show the transformative effect of digitalization on Romanian companies ", says Constantin Magdalina, Expert on Trends and Emerging Technologies, co-author of the research.

Unlike previous editions in which respondents positioned digitization as good but not urgent, the collection of responses to this year's edition takes place in a critical context: that of the COVID-19 pandemic. Social distancing has forced companies to adopt distance work. The online environment has experienced an unprecedented adoption rate. In the last 6 months, the shares of the most famous video conference platform of this period, Zoom, have increased by 250%.

Digitalization has become mandatory for companies, and the adoption of digital solutions is important and urgent. Therefore, this study is all the more relevant as Romania, although it ranks 3rd in the world in terms of data transfer speed, is ranked 26th in the DESI index on digitization in the EU.

What is the adoption rate of digital solutions? How have the Romanian business models changed the Romanian industries? To what extent is digitalization part of the business strategy? What level of expertise is there among decision makers to digitize companies? What are the obstacles and opportunities in digitizing companies? These are just some of the questions that the study answers with the help of respondents.

„The Barometer of Digitalization is the only comparative survey that shows the evolution of the adoption of digitalization among Romanian companies. The analysis and aggregate interpretation of the collected data is complemented by the analysis of relevant data for 13 industries. In the over 80 pages of the report are scanned the most important aspects of digitization for any company leader who wants to know the level of digitization of his industry and draw conclusions with diagnostic value regarding the level of digitization of the company he leads. We invite managers and executives to contribute their answers by completing this questionnaire ", says Dumitru Ion, CEO Doingbusiness.ro, co-author of the study.

About the survey

The survey carried out by Valoria reveals, every two years, the perceptions of managers and executives regarding the impact of digitalization on Romanian companies. In the report of the previous edition 5% of the respondents came from companies with a turnover of more than EUR 100 million, 5% of companies with a turnover between EUR 50-100 million, 22% of companies with a turnover between 10-50 EUR 41 million, with a turnover of between EUR 1-10 million and a turnover of less than EUR 27 million. 31% of the respondents had the position of CEO / President / General Manager, 6% had the position of Vice President/Executive Director, and 29% were Managers. This study was conducted in collaboration with the Doingbusiness.ro team.