How can we change Romania for the better with EUR 525mn?

The Law on Sponsorship and the Fiscal Code allow commercial societies to direct, each year, up to EUR 525mn towards non-governmental organizations in Romania. Currently, only 22% of these funds are reaching the potential beneficiaries.

HOSPICE the House of Hope foundation and AlTreileaSector.ro, in partnership with EY Romania, organized a press conference to present the real figures regarding the implementation of the Law on Sponsorship.


This law and the Fiscal code allow commercial societies to invest in the development of the Romanian society, without any costs for them. Companies can direct up to 20% of the tax on profits towards non-governmental organizations – maximum 0.3% of the turnover – sum which is deducted from the tax on profits that needs to be paid.


For more information, please see the Romanian version of the article, here.