Global Economic Forecasts

Global Economic Forecasts

Q4 2020


Euromonitor International Analytics offers precise answers to vital business questions in an increasingly fast-paced and uncertain world. Our Macro Model provides regularly updated forecasts and “what-if ” scenarios for core macroeconomic variables, including gdp, growth and unemployment. Its global scope ensures our macro forecasts and scenarios reflect the economically inter-connected world in which we live. The Global Economic Forecasts report focuses on quarterly macro changes for the world’s key economies and what these mean to our view of the likely, optimistic and pessimistic scenarios for the global economy. Ultimately, we help businesses stay ahead of risks and opportunities as they emerge on a macroeconomic basis. The aggregate global real gdp growth baseline forecast has remained roughly unchanged since q3 2020, with a projected contraction of 4.7% in 2020 (with a plausible range of 4.2–5.2% decline), followed by 5.1% growth in 2021 (with a plausible range of 3.5–6.5%).


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