Deloitte Study: Social progress index 2018 on quality of life and social well-being

Deloitte Study: Social progress index 2018" on quality of life and social well-being

Romania ranks 44th in the world ranking

Romania ranks 44th out of 146 countries, surpassed by all other EU member states in the "Social progress index 2018" ranking by the nonprofit Social Progress Imperative with Deloitte support.

The Social Progress Index (SPI) measures the quality of life and social well-being of 146 citizens, analyzing three main dimensions on 12 coordinates and assigning them a score.
The three dimensions are basic human needs (food and medical care, water and sanitation, housing, personal safety), the fundamentals of well-being (access to basic education, access to communications and information, health and well-being, environmental quality) personal rights, personal freedom and choice, inclusion, access to advanced education).

Romania ranked 44th, this year, ranked 51th in 2014.

The points obtained in each of the 12 chapters analyzed by IPS are compared with 15 other countries registering similar GDP per capita (including Bulgaria, Croatia, Latvia, Greece, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Turkey or Iran).

According to the scores, Romania performs weaker than the 15 states with a per capita GDP similar to the following chapters: water and canal services, sanitation services, access to quality medical services, access to advanced education, people's life expectancy over 60 years of age or social inclusion.


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