80% of the customers who shop online waive the shopping cart

In Romania, the average loss of the shopping cart currently stands at 60% - 80% for online stores, according to the Teamshare data, one of the most important integrated platforms for e-commerce in Romania. The percentage is similar to that seen in the offline stores, where customers tested, proved and analyzed several products before buying, but in the online environment, retailers can implement a range of measures to prevent this.

According to Teamshare specialists, online stores have an advantage compared to offline that help them reduce the shopping cart abandonment rate. Thus, online retailers can implement custom remarketing strategies on a single client, with relatively low costs and without affecting the standard prices of the products.


However, during peak periods, such as Black Friday campaigns or on holidays, the cessation percentage is lower, especially for high traffic sites, which prepare these campaigns in time, according Teamshare.


For more information, please see the Romanian version of the article, here.