Winter will be easier with the 103 Ford Trucks 3542D dumper

Winter will be easier with the 103 Ford Trucks 3542D dumper

Cefin Trucks, announces the delivery of 103 Ford Trucks 3542D Dumps to CNAIR, under the contract won by public auction number 170049 of 24.09.2016.

Ford Trucks 6x4 dumper trucks are equipped with Snow Lamp and Spreader and are to be used by the Regional Roads and Bridges Directions in Constanta, Timisoara, Craiova, Brasov, Iasi, Cluj and Bucharest.

"Ford Trucks Commercial Vehicles for the Construction Industry have a 24% market share just 18 months after launching in Romania, which means we are already second in this market segment. By delivering the dump truck fleet to CNAIR, we are positioning ourselves as a market leader in this segment in 2018, " says Stefano Albarosa, Cefn Trucks CEO.

"Our partnership with CNAIR has been proof of the performance of the infrastructure we provide to our customers. We wish to thank our CNAIR partners for their confidence and we will ensure that they continue to benefit from the quality of our services. For over 25 years we have been with our clients and we support their work with top quality products and services, "adds Mr. Stefano Albarosa.

"We can say that this new acquisition is a continuation of good contractual relations with CEFIN TRUCKS, which sells Ford trucks. The 103 Ford Trucks 3542D Dump Trucks delivered today will be sent to the Regional Roads and Bridges Directions from Constanta, Timisoara, Craiova, Brasov, Iasi, Cluj and Bucharest to be used for snowboarding in the beginning. Thus, these new dumpers will strengthen the capacity of the CNAIR regions to run their own snow drives on the highways and the National Roads in Romania. Of course, after the cold season passes, the purchased dump trucks will be used for other CNAIR S.A activities, such as the transport of aggregates for asphalt plants. The acquisition of these new vehicles is part of CNAIR's refurbishment plan, launched in 2014, which provides for the company to be re-equipped with a new range of machinery and equipment specific to road repair and maintenance work. The plan implemented through the Mechanization Department involves the annual and staged acquisition of more than 1,000 machines and machines, up to now more than 850 machines have been purchased ", said CNAIR spokesman, Alin Serbanescu.

The Ford Trucks 3542D, 6x4, with a 3.800 mm wheelbase, the Euro 6 are equipped with an Ecotorq Diesel engine, 6 cylinders in line, a cylinder capacity of 12740 cm3, 420 hp @ 1800 rpm, a maximum torque of 2150 NM at 1000 to 1300 rpm / min, ZF synchronized 16 + 1 gears.

With all its features, the new Euro 6 Ecotorq engine provides an ideal balance between performance and economy. Equipped with exhaust gas recirculation system, variable turbocharger geometry, direct injection system and intelligent electronic control unit, the engine uses every drop of fuel, ensuring efficiency.

The two-circuit independent braking system according to EEC standards, EBD + ABS + ASR + ATC assistance and the stationary brake on the rear axles provide control over any maneuvers performed under any load regime and in any field condition.