The Bucharest Tech Week Festival brings the technological innovations to the attention of the Romanians for the fourth consecutive year

The Bucharest Tech Week Festival brings the technological innovations to the attention of the Romanians for the fourth consecutive year

Bucharest becomes for a week the capital of innovative technologies and high-end solutions to be presented at the Bucharest Tech Week festival.

The fourth edition of the festival takes place between May 20th and 26th, 2019, in two central locations, Radisson Blu Hotel and University Square, and connects professionals and enthusiasts with the latest technological innovations.

Every year, dozens of organizations interested in the digitization of the business environment join the festival, creating the largest network of partner events held simultaneously in Bucharest.

Bucharest Tech Week is the largest technology festival in Romania that brings together developers, professionals and passionate about innovative solutions and gadgets in an increasingly connected community, where they will have the opportunity to test, find out the most important trends and information from international specialists and even to buy on the spot products that make life easier and connect them to the future.

With dozens of international exhibitors and speakers and thousands of visitors each year, the event is also an important source of networking both between brands and their consumers, as well as for facilitating business collaboration at the highest level.

Bucharest Tech Week 2019 brings to the Romanian business scene top international experts, with a strong footprint in the most important areas of technology, such as:

  • Frank M. Salzgeber - Head of Innovation within the European Space Agency (ESA);
  • Amina Zamani – an international referral expert specializing in the recruitment of top companies for large companies, launched in 2018 the largest media campaign of diversity and inclusion in the history of LinkedIn platform, being rated as Top Relationship Manager of the Year;
  • Anna Maj – FinTech solutions leader and promoter of innovation in European payment ecosystems with over 19 years of experience in banking, managing the implementation of the first "digital wallet" and the first mobile payment platform in the CEEMEA region.
  • Dr. Heinz M. Kabutz – the author of the "The Java Specialists' Newsletter" (https://www.javaspecialists.eu), a publication that enjoys a resounding success among tens of thousands of Java experts from over 145 countries and author of the book "Dynamic Proxies" (in German), becoming the bestseller on Amazon.de;
  • Dmitry Soshnikov – Senior Technical Evangelist at Microsoft, and a professor at Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, promotes technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (IA) and Internet of Things (IoT) among young people;

Like every year, the Bucharest Technology Week 2019 Festival mixes three essential components that have enjoyed, over time, the appreciation of technology enthusiasts:

1. Five Premium Business Summits, the meeting place for many professionals who want to connect with the latest trends and innovations from the local and international business environment.

These will take place at the Radisson Blu Hotel, May 21-24. The Bucharest Tech Week 2019 conferences are structured as follows:

  • Innovation Summit, where speakers with international expertise will share their experience in using innovative tools and strategies to accelerate innovation in business and create a culture of change towards a more connected and customer-oriented future;
  • HR Masters Summit is based on the needs and challenges of human resources and organizational development, addressing topics such as: diversity and inclusion, Agile work in recruitment and motivation, development of e-learning platforms and especially the creation of an organizational culture tailored to tech innovation ;
  • Fintech Summit brings together international specialists to address the hottest financial issues of the time, such as: Open Banking (APIs), crypto-coin markets, RegTech, mobile payments, or Blockchain technologies;
  • Java Summit will combine live-coding sessions and demos on topics such as: Lightweight Enterprise Java with MicroProfile or Spring Data JPA;
  • .NET Summit, the meeting place for software application enthusiasts, where they will address, in a practical way, topics such as: Using Blazor technology for web application development, AI and Machine Learning on .NET platforms or creating applications using Angular algorithms;

2. The Tech Expo, scheduled for the weekend of the festival, 24-26 May, is open to the public willing to test high-end technologies, being the most complex tech exhibition in Romania. Within Tech Expo will be presented over 300 tech products and solutions from leading companies domestically and international. Access to the University Square exhibition is free of charge based on online sign-up on the event site. Event registration is only valid for people over the age of 18 and small enthusiasts will have access to an adult.

3. Partner events. Throughout the entire week (May 20-26), more than 65 events that share the technology will be organized in different locations in Bucharest by festival partners for all audiences.

Access to any of the 3 sections of Bucharest Tech Week is made by registering online at www.techweek.ro. Access to Tech Expo is free, only based on online registration. By March 27, professionals interested in booking a seat at Business Summits can benefit from special Early Bird rates. Also, 3-5-member teams can benefit from 5% discounts, and for teams of over 6 people, discounts can go up to 10%.

"At its fourth edition, Bucharest Tech Week has become a national reference event in the field of technological innovation. Every year, we want to bring technology closer to people and to present new and relevant information from dedicated speakers in their fields. We keep in mind that every year, all audiences in the business environment as well as consumers and young people passionate about technology will all be able to find technology to help them become more productive, more efficient, and more active. Bucharest Tech Week presents not only the nationally-created innovative technology, but also provides a global platform for discussing the trends and topics of interest that the business environment faces in digital transformation as well as consumers and enthusiasts in adopting new technologies. " said Catalina Dobre, project manager Bucharest Tech Week.

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AirMotion, Michelin, Electromagnetica, Luxoft, pAIdAnalytix, Wolf Theiss

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