Ecommerce 2018: a personalized, automated, conversational experience

Ecommerce 2018: a personalized, automated, conversational experience

In 2015, Uber introduced for the first time the concept of conversational commerce through the option to activate a route through the messenger application.

The basic idea that the consumer feels is that through the communication platform it can interact with the business, have technical support, ask questions and buy with just one click - all without leaving the application.

In the recent years, more and more international online stores have implemented chatbots as the communication interface to confirm orders, send notifications, notify a delivery status or digital assistants who place orders within minutes.

At international level, we are talking about online stores such as Tommy Hilfiger, Hawkers, Sephora or Burberry. Even so, out of 50 million Alexa users, only 100,000 said they bought a product through voice acquisition, as a report The information points out.

How does a chatbot contribute to making an online store more efficient?

On the one hand, with conversational commerce, the customers interact with a platform representative, a chatbot or even a mix of them to get a personalized service.

The benefits of an online store are from immediate customer support, loyalty and knowledge, to increasing brand visibility in social media or simplifying payouts.

On the other hand, the artificial intelligence becomes more and more accurate and efficient every day, contributing to providing personalized recommendations and increasing sales by studying user behavior.

As a future outlook, a Gartner study predicts that by 2020, 85% of consumers' demands will be answered without the need for interaction with an individual.

How is the situation in Romania?

Chatbots in social media change the rules of the game internationally, but online stores in Romania do not seem to finalize the work on this issue, although the orientation is without a doubt to the automation and implicitly re-engagement solutions of the user after adding products to Cart.
Banca Transilvania, Vodafone or Carrefour are a few players who implemented chatbots on the assistance area, employer branding or commercial purpose, but not exclusively on the eCommerce area.

Why does the Romanian market need to play with international players?

"The eCommerce market in Romania needs education and openness, investment and strategic partnerships at international level. In the existing competitive environment in the online industry, and taking into account the rapid evolution of recent years, personalizing the buying experience is a priority: it leads to conversions, creates 1 vs 1 interaction, delivers the message to the right person. This can be done with the help of technology and investment in tools such as chatbots, digital assistants - in principle automation, "says Iulia Pascal, Marketing Manager TeCOMM.

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