Cariere 2018 Awards Gala: People who inspire us. Romania of tomorrow

Cariere 2018 Awards Gala: "People who inspire us. Romania of tomorrow"

On December 12th, The CARIERE Magazine organizes the sixth edition of the annual Gala in Bucharest, where it honors the Excellence.

Throughout the year, at national level, we celebrated 100 years of modern Romania, through a series of events that evoked the past of centennial Romania. Now, at the end of the year, the CAREERS Magazine Galaxy brings to light the people who set the foundation for the future one hundred years of Romania. Through professionalism, vision, consciousness, humanity and the desire to do something good for Romania.

The protagonists of this year's edition are inspirational, revolutionary or notorious characters who have come to terms with vision and why not by the pride of being Romanians! We celebrate by:

  • 8 Excellence Awards CAREERS
  • Artistic depths, moments of inspiration, relaxation and success stories
  • 200 invited leaders: managers, entrepreneurs, artists, opinion leaders

The Cariere 2018 Gala Awards honors inspiring characters in the following categories:

1. The talents of the future
2. Entrepreneurs of the future
3. Visionary Manager
4. Educated Romania
5. Treasure keepers
6. The Medicine of the Future
7. Leadership for your entire career
8. The visionary of today's Romania for the society of tomorrow

The Careers Magazine invites you to visit the www.gala-cariere.ro  site and go through the stories of the people who inspire us this year.

The vote for the nomination of this year's winners is open and ends on December 10 at 24.00.

The Careers Magazine 2018 is organized with the help of the main partners Idea :: Bank, Rompetrol, Provident, Sanofi Romania.

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