BCR to finance new biogas plant in Satu-Mare county

The Romanian Commercial Bank (BCR) finances the construction of a biogas plant in Ardud, Satu-Mare County, an investment made by First Biogaz S.R.L., member of BIOGEST, Austria

This biogas plant – which involves an investment of approx. €6 million – has an installed capacity of 1.5 MW, and the electricity it generates can cover the needs of approximately 4,500 households. The heat shall be used by an existing cereal drying plant and a fish farm,” declared Martin Schlerka, BiogestCEO.


As a leader of the banking system in Romania, BCR is directly interested in financing and developing the local economy, including the renewable energy sector. And we continue financing the renewable energy sector by providing credit to First Biogaz S.R.L. Thus, BCR is very interested in funding renewable energy projects, which represent an important vector of the Romanian economy growth”, declared Tobias Waldemar Seiferth, Head of International Desk, BCR.

Biogas is a renewable energy source providing technological, ecological and economic advantages. This sort of energy may be generated 365 days a year, at any hour of the day or night, being ideal to cover the energy demand during peak hours. This availability gives biogas an important role in the mix of energy from renewable sources of water, sun and wind. At the same time, it helps achieve the environmental protection objectives and can reduce the reliance on energy imports.

BIOGEST is an international Austrian-owned producer of biogas plants, which works in other locations too, such as Great Britain, Italy, Romania, Serbia and the Czech Republic. The business of Biogest covers design, planning, funding, turn-key construction and operation of plants with installed capacities ranging from 100 kW to 3,500 kW. Until now, the company has carried out over 90 projects of biogas plants in Europe.