BCR – A balance increase of over 4 times of the mortgage credit in lei

Banca Comerciala Romana (BCR) has registered, during the year 2013, a balance increase of over 4 times of mortgage credits granted in Lei.

BCR has registered a significant increase of the number of clients’ applications for credits in Lei assigned for investment property – 1 of 3 clients takes a credit in Lei from BCR in order to buy a house.


„As a leader on the banking market, we wish to further support the housing market in Romania by very attractive offers and complete financing solutions.  


At present, BCR has the best financing solution of the market, both for clients who buy a first house, and for those who want to improve their locative conditions by modernizing / changing their property. Therefore, we are happy to help our clients in achieving one of the most important steps of their life: the purchase/ construction/ modernization of a home”, declaredAndrew Gerber, Retail Product Manager within BCR.


Recently, BCR has decreased the cost of credits granted within the First Home Program, by reducing the interest margin for clients who receive/ will receive their salaries by BCR at 2%, the interest reaching 5.52% (DAE 5.68%). At the same time, the Bank has also decreased the interest for clients who choose a mortgage credit “My Home”, as they benefit from a fixed interest rate for a 3 year period, starting from 5.25% (DAE 5.55%).


BCR is the first bank in Romania to take the decision of granting credits mostly in the national currency, starting with the month of October 2012, by assuming a role of market maker as concerns guaranteed loans in Lei.