ALD Automotive estimates a fleet of 8,000 vehicles by the end of 2013

ALD Automotive plans to reach 8,000 vehicles under administration at the end of this year which stands for a 13% fleet increase compared to the end of 2012

The company seeks to launch new services this year in order to provide drivers and fleet managers with innovative tools to simplify the vehicle management and day to day utilization.

ALD Automotive ended 2012 with a market share of 17%, which positioned the company as one of the main operational leasing players in Romania. The activity during the previous year saw ALD Automotive register a turnover of nearly Euro 30 million.

The customer portfolio increased by 7% summing up 252 companies from various industries as banking, IT&C, telecom, FMCG, pharmaceuticals, energy, etc. For these customers, ALD Automotive managed 84% of its total fleet under full service operational leasing, which increased from 79% in 2011, while 16% of the fleet was administered under fleet management contracts.

The used cars sold via the ALD Carmarket closed bidding website saw a hike of 14% last year: from the total amount of 1,500 second hand vehicles put on the market, 1,388 units were sold online. The remarketing activity had a sustainable increase over the last couple of years, while the number of users actively placing bids online boosted by 40% in 2012, up to 403 ALD Carmarket users.

In order to sustain the sale of used cars, ALD Automotive expanded its partnership with SGS Romania this year and as a result, the ALD Automotive vehicles are returned, evaluated and stocked at the end of the operational leasing contracts in a new venue, located in the North of the city and exclusively reserved by SGS Romania to ALD Automotive.

ALD Automotive

Operational in Romania since 2005, ALD Automotive is the subsidiary of BRD – Groupé Société Générale and the ALD Automotive group. The company provides full service operational leasing by ensuring financing and a complete range of management services for vehicle fleets. ALD Automotive launched in May 2010 under the ALD Carmarket brand, the online closed bidding platform designed for the promotion and sale of the second hand vehicles returned at the end of the operational leasing contracts.