The dentistry market grows through education and innovation

The dentistry market grows through education and innovation

The dentistry market is growing and the overall quality of services improves with every year

1. How was the first part of 2014 for DENT ESTET? Which were your main projects? Which were the main drivers of your activity? Please detail and comment.


2014 is an anniversary year for us, we are celebrating 15 years of tradition on the local market. Since 1999, when I opened the first clinic, I wanted DENT ESTET to be the first choice for Romanians when it came to dental care and I am glad to have reached this goal. With over 170 specialists, we are now the largest dental network in the country, offering internationally certified services for all age groups.


This celebration has been another motivation for us to continue our expansion and maintain our leading position on the market. We have continued developing our educational programs and this year we launched ImplantConnect, the first educational platform regarding dental implants – an occasion for patients to meet with our specialists and discuss about their needs and treatment options.


Also, after the opening at the end of 2013 of the first DENT ESTET clinic outside Bucharest, this year, we have launched our 7th clinic, respectively the third DENT ESTET 4 KIDS clinic. After a EUR 200,000 investment, the new clinic offers top quality pediatric dentistry services in a space dedicated exclusively to children.


2. Last year, you launched the Dental Office Managers Association and this year, the Dental Office Managers School, the first project of this kind in Romania. How was the project received on the market? Which are its first results?


The Dental Office Managers School had a very good start, we have already ended our second edition of the classes and we received a positive feedback from all our participants.


On the grounds of an accelerated growth of the Dentistry market in recent years, having a specialized managing team is essential for the success of a dental office and I am glad to see that fellow dental office owners have encouraged this initiative.


We are now preparing next year’s edition which has already gathered a group of participants. This is a sign that the project has been a success and it motivates us to become better and better.


3. From the position of market leader that DENT ESTET has, how do you see this market? How has it evolved? Which are the areas still to be improved?


The easier access to information in recent years has determined patients to be more careful about the choices they make. They have higher standards and greater expectations from their health services provider and this has pushed professionals to invest in innovative technologies more, in training their team of specialists and in expanding  their portfolio. The results are visible, the market is growing and the overall quality of dental services improves with every year.


The Dental Office Managers Association Romania aims at bringing together professionals from all over the country and creating an environment for debate and exchange of ideas on how to develop the market and build a sustainable future in Dentistry. I believe we have to continue investing in education, only this way will we be able to determine Romanians to be more careful with their health and the services they choose.


4. How is the market of specialized dental care for children evolving?


In 2008, we were the first in Eastern Europe to launch a dental clinic exclusively dedicated to children. This has been a milestone for the Romanian market and a motivator for other clinics to follow our model and specialize their teams and services for children. This is a great step for our country and I believe that in the following years, with education for both parents and children, we will be able to change the alarming dental health status of Romanians.


Now, DENT ESTET 4 KIDS is the leading provider of pediatric dentistry services, with centers in Bucharest and Timi?oara, offering top quality dental care for little patients.


5. What are the most important elements for the development of the dental services market?

Unfortunately, visiting the dentist is not a priority for Romanians and the statistics regarding our dental health are worrisome. Being unaware of their dental problems and confronting with anxiety at the dentist are the main causes for this issue. But we need to understand that the more we postpone our visit to the dentist, the higher the chances of having dental problems are.


We have to change this and only by investing in education and in improving the quality of dental services will we be able to have healthier generations. The technological progress and the modern treatment approaches allow us to perform dental procedures safely and without pain for the patient.


6. What are the main goals / projects that you have set for this year?


In the context of our 15th anniversary, our goals gathered around maintaining our leading position on the market. Having the highest quality services in Dentistry does not mean there is no room left for improvement; we are continually challenging ourselves to become better and offer patients unparalleled quality.