SAM MILLS is located in Satu Mare, North-West of Romania and has the biggest corn milling capacity from the east Europe (500 to/day for corn and 160 to/day for wheat). SAM MILLS has reached 35% market share for corn flour in Romania (ACNielsen, Retail Audit); the second one has only 14%. Also, SAM MILLS has a strong distribution network in Romania (98% of modern and traditional trade) and are providing corn grits for industry market (beer and snacks). SAM MILLS portofolio has the following brands: MILLING 1) corn flour; 2) wheat flour; 3) wheat grits; PASTA D`ORO 1) PASTA D`ORO - gluten free pasta, 100% corn; 2) PASTA D`ORO EXTRA - mix pasta obtain by high quality flour from: wheat and corn; CORN OIL ARPIS The special SAM MILLS products are: Gluten free corn pasta and Extra Virgin Corn Oil. 1) PASTA D`ORO - gluten free corn pasta (100% corn) The advantages of our gluten free pasta from corn are: - price - 3-4 times lower than competitors; - taste - it is like normal/regular pasta (and not dietetic at all); so we are targeting all people and not only niche (gluten intolerance persons); - boiling and after boiling behavior - it`s not stick together; that feature recommend corn pasta the best ingredient for ready meals! - texture - the bite is like any premium pasta (aldente); - it is an international trend; - packaging - nice and strong; flow pack or bottom bag; - brand - PASTA D`ORO design is protected in 77 countries; - gluten free facilities (certificate from UK); - low GI (so the product could be also recommended for diabetic persons). 2) EXTRA VIRGIN CORN OIL - obtained by filter press only, without any chemical processes; - 100% natural product, extracted from the germ of the corn kernel through physical methods only (it is not refined throigh chemical processes). This is why it doesn`t contain fatty acids (harmful to the organism); - has a high content of tocopherol (or vitamin E), with powerful antioxidant role (fights against body free radicals); - it contains carotenoids (precursors of vitamin A), that have a special role in skin protection and sight improving; - it is made of natural, simple fats, not fragmented by the chemical processes. That is why it can be used for frying more times than refined oils and doesn`t transfer the food taste through frying; - has a unique taste and flavour; - it is recommend for salads, various frying, mayonnaise or any cooking purposes.

General info

Fiscal Identification Code: 6315636
Registry of Commerce Number: J30/1347/1994


  • Address: Strada Mioritei, Nr: 151 , BOTIZ, SATU-MARE

Latest financial results

TURNOVER : 10,220,767 (RON)
PROFIT LOSS : -374,203 (RON)
TURNOVER : 17,997,099 (RON)
PROFIT LOSS : 695,703 (RON)
TURNOVER : 306,080,166 (RON)
PROFIT LOSS : 2,685,562 (RON)
TURNOVER : 377,418,301 (RON)
PROFIT LOSS : 4,335,387 (RON)
TURNOVER : 407,480,400 (RON)
PROFIT LOSS : 2,974,976 (RON)