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Romsilva will plant about 20 million forest seedlings in the spring afforestation campaign

At the same time, completion works will be carried out on 1,439 hectares of forest fund…

The Board of Directors of the National Forests Authority - Romsilva has appointed a new general director with a provisional mandate

Teodor Tigan, 62 years old, graduated from the Timisoara Technical Forestry High School…


ROMSILVA - THE NATIONAL FOREST ADMINISTRATION activates in the following fields of activity: - The implementation of the national strategy in the field of forestry, taking action for the protection, preservation and sustainable development of the forestry fund - state-owned property, which it administers, as well as for the management of the hunting and fishing funds allotted according to the law, for harvesting and capitalizing on the products specific to the forestry fund, through trade actions, according to legal stipulations, under circumstances of economic efficiency, also performing public service duties specific to forestry field; - The coordination and implementation of the National Program for Horse Breeding, the National Genetic Patrimony Preservation made of the total horses populations with high genetic value, breeding, pure breed horse population qualification and improvement. It trades products specific to the forestry fund, as well as the other goods that are harvested, processed and capitalized on of the forestry fund - public ownership: a) wood base, from cutting main, secondary, accidental and forest hygene products and as different ranges of goods, as well as the products resulting from primary wood processing; b) other wood products: ornamental trees and shrubs, Christmass trees, forest sapling, osier and wickerwork, kiln charcoal and others; c) live game in farms and hunting funds, venison, hunting trophies and naturally shed antlers, fish in mountain waters, fisheries, ponds and lakes of the forestry fund, forest fruits, forest seeds, edible mushrooms, medicinal and aromatic plants, cultivated or of the self-sown flora, resin and others. - Services of forest-related tourism and leisure, equitation and horseback riding tourism, by efficiently using existing utilities. - Forestry services for forestry fund areas, private property or in the administration of territorial administrative units, afforested pastures, forest curtains, on a contract basis. - Trade of horses, domestic and international. - Services for hunting activities, providing full accomodation, specialized guide, transport on hunting ground, as well as rifle and ammunition rental. - Forest road design works, torrent correction, afforestations. - Forestry research services. - Services of sport fishing organizing in mountain waters (trout). - Management and administration of protected areas.

General info

Fiscal Identification Code: 1590120
Registry of Commerce Number: J40/450/1991
NACE CODE: (0210) Silviculture and other forestry activities


  • Address: Strada Petricani Nr. 9a, SECTOR 2, BUCURESTI

Latest financial results

TURNOVER : 1,835,306,631 (RON)
PROFIT LOSS : 12,107,938 (RON)
EMPLOYEES : 15,248
TURNOVER : 2,036,205,388 (RON)
PROFIT LOSS : 86,021,088 (RON)
EMPLOYEES : 16,484
TURNOVER : 2,294,662,560 (RON)
PROFIT LOSS : 216,054,649 (RON)
EMPLOYEES : 16,485
TURNOVER : 1,961,436,898 (RON)
PROFIT LOSS : 302,524,873 (RON)
EMPLOYEES : 16,246
TURNOVER : 1,690,752,693 (RON)
PROFIT LOSS : 254,995,007 (RON)
EMPLOYEES : 16,318