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Activitati ale tur-operaWholesaler of land arrangements, aiplane tickets and packages worldwide, exclusively to Travel Agencies, Tour Operators & Airlines. Memberships: BSP Romania, ANAT, ASTA. Clients: Travel Agencies, Tour Operators & Airline Companies. HOTELCON was established in Romania in 1998 in order to bring to the local market the prices and services, which will make the difference in the day-to-day, travel operations. We know the difficulties everybody experiences in the Romanian market from our previous experience in Greece, where international hotel conglomerates and hotel chains seemed to dominate the market and small as well as medium to large size travel agencies found they have lost their voice and power when dealing with hotels. HOTELCON has more than 250,000 member hotels, ranging from hostels to 5 stars in over 230 countries. With instant hotel confirmations, our local partners will save time and money when choosing our simple and easily accessible network. A lot of travel agencies are booking hotels worldwide with rack rates and add commission involved by the bank transfer fees when sending the money to pay the hotels. Also many times travel agencies are worrying about a client getting confirmed and finally arriving at his or hers destination and not knowing if the reservation is valid or accurate. Now all these issues can be solved by simply choosing HOTELCON as your reservation platform supplier. With one simple local phone call, all our partners, over 900, can eliminate all their problems while assuring themselves prices unbeatable in the market. There is not much to say about our prices, but the simple fact that our FIT tariffs are 15% to 50% under the official rack rates. That gives the travel agencies the flexibility to make greater profits from savings, while making no reduction on quality. In the past everybody had to face the expenses of bank transfers in foreign currency, rushing to transfer the money before the client arrives at the hotel plus the cost of international phone calls and faxes. We are only o local phone call away with payment in EURO, RON or USD. We are the savings, the discounts and your partner of growth in the market. Despite the first fear of the unknown, our biggest advantage for all our clients - neutrality - is well recognized among all our partners.

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Fiscal Identification Code: 13943226
Registry of Commerce Number: J40/5555/2001
NACE CODE: (7912) Tour operator activities


  • Address: Strada Pericle Gheorghiu, Nr: 49, SECTOR 5, BUCURESTI

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TURNOVER : 26,421,293 (RON)
PROFIT LOSS : 709,453 (RON)
TURNOVER : 93,093,238 (RON)
PROFIT LOSS : 2,369,207 (RON)
TURNOVER : 93,043,119 (RON)
PROFIT LOSS : 3,694,972 (RON)
TURNOVER : 83,526,762 (RON)
PROFIT LOSS : 1,794,798 (RON)
TURNOVER : 84,268,907 (RON)
PROFIT LOSS : 1,979,260 (RON)