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MIT & SAS Study: Leaders in Customer Experience Leaders Use Artificial Intelligence and Analytics Solutions

Leaders in CX are financial services, retail and IT / telecommunications companies

Mystery solved: The case for operationalizing analytics

Operationalizing analytics saves valuable insights

Learn how professional sports teams win fans and games with analytics

From player evaluation and game strategies to fan experience and variable ticketing, analytics is…

Out in the open with analytics

In this e-book you’ll learn how organizations in many industries are using open source…

Market research: How will customer's interaction with brands look  over ten years?

A new study shows that, within a decade, two-thirds of customers' interaction with market…

Jim Goodnight, SAS CEO: Neither the data nor their analysis helps companies grow, but the decisions that are made based on them

The inability of companies to take advantage of their data and analytics tools is…

SAS revenues generated by the Artificial Intelligence solutions platform increased by 105% last year, according to a market analysis

SAS was last year on second place in terms of AI software platforms

The democratization of analytics, a trigger for huge business opportunities

Analytics are for all of us, as we become more data-driven and analytical in…

Self-service data visualization and exploration, a growing trend

Executives will gain advantage by moving beyond simply knowing what happened to preemptively understanding…