Zitec: the income from online marketing will grow by 25% in 2016

Zitec, one of the main local producers of online applications, estimates an increase of 25%, this year, of the revenues generated by online marketing services, after having already exceeded the objective of 20% increase set at the beginning of the year. The company estimates that it will maintain the growth rate of this activity with double-digit percentage in 2017.

"The turnover in this segment will continue to grow in the coming years, given that the local market of digital services is developing. We intend to capitalize on the competitive advantage offered by the fact that the specialized department benefits from the opportunity to work with web designers, developers, testers and network administrators within other departments, thus being able to deliver more complex end-to-end solutions" ,said Alexander Lapusan, CEO and founder of Zitec.


For more information, please see the Romanian version of the article, here.