Training programs, more appreciated than benefits packages

Training programs, more appreciated than benefits packages

In an increasingly connected world, with very large volumes of information and provisional truths, learning is no longer optional but mandatory

In 2020, many employees are no longer looking for a job. But what do they want more? According to a research conducted by the consulting company Valoria, 42% of employees are looking for a good salary and an attractive package of compensation and benefits, but immediately after that, 35% put professional development first. In the case of young professionals, 86% of them focus on professional development and only 47% take into account the choice of workplace, mainly, on the level of pay, plus attractive benefits.

Why is learning important? "To update our knowledge, to better understand an idea, a concept, a functionality, to satisfy our curiosity, to increase our autonomy or efficiency and to optimize the way we work." These may not be the only reasons for prioritizing learning, but they are the ones most often called by participants in the courses held by the Valoria team.

Understanding the operating context and the need for companies to develop their employees and grow the business, Valoria launches a program of 12 open courses that will run from January to April 2020. The topics addressed are aligned with the focus areas formulated by HR departments. of Valoria partners and include the following:

•  Business writing with NLP techniques

•  Feedback, feedforward and performance enhancement

•  Imagineering, technique of creativity and innovation

•  Advanced sales techniques - The universal model of persuasion

•  Time management through life hacks

•  From intention to impact, through coaching

"In an increasingly connected world, with very large volumes of information and provisional truths, learning is no longer optional but mandatory. Updating information becomes a necessity in the conditions of increasing individual competitiveness in the labor market and of companies in the global market. The alert pace of change puts every employee and every company in a position to learn continuously. That's why employers who offer valuable training programs are preferred, ”says Elena Badea, Managing Director, Valoria.

The courses opened in the program launched by Valoria are addressed to the executive directors, managers, and entrepreneurs. The chosen topics help the participants to increase their efficiency in written communication, building team cohesion, obtaining results, generating motivation and performance. This open course program is a balanced mix of skills and competencies that gives participants a unique learning experience.

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