The first profile of the operational leasing client in Romania

ALD Automotive and Nielsen announce the completion of the first study in Romania that explores the attitudes and the opinions of managers regarding operational leasing services

The study conducted by ALD Automotive and Nielsen includes more than 400 companies which operate on the Romanian market and was conducted in the first half of 2014.


The results of the study show that complete mobility is perceived as the most attractive benefit of operational leasing, unique for this form of financing. Other reasons for which companies choose operational leasing are saving money and reducing costs, predictability and the possibility of budgeting fixed monthly costs, the fact that they don’t have to make a down payment, or eliminating the risk of reselling the car once the contract expires, which is taken over by the operational leasing company. Moreover, the international rules for multinational companies apply to subsidiaries in Romania, as well, imposing the contracting of operational leasing services.


For more information, please see the Romanian version of the article, here.