Discovering Investment Opportunities in Esports

Discovering Investment Opportunities in Esports

By: Alan Rownan, Industry Manager; Davide Calzoni, Senior Analyst; Per Brandberg, Analyst, Home & Tech; Kenyatta Gray, Account Manager

Consult now to learn:

  • How esports consumption and popularity is driving industry revenues
  • The existing barriers and emerging opportunities as esports continues to grow
  • How traditional sports fandom is evolving and what this means for the future of esports

Sponsorships, advertising and media rights in esports are expected to grow in both value and volume terms, as the industry matures and becomes more widely accepted in society.

In this webinar, speakers will be providing insights that will help organisations from a range of sectors understand and navigate this emerging space as well as focusing on direct implications on the traditional professional sports industry. Panel discussion will follow the presentation with questions regarding COVID's impact on the esports ecosystem, shifts in sports consumption generally and more.

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