Demand for international express remains buoyant in 2016 and beyond

Healthy competition leads to better quality demands placed upon providers, and better levels of quality for our customers.

1. What is the size of the courier and delivery industry in Romania in 2015? How has the market developed in 2015 compared to last year and what are your expectations for 2016?


We anticipate the total value of the international express industry in Romania to be in the region of EUR 125 million. 2015 has been undoubtedly a successful year of growth for DHL Express in Romania, with the demand being driven by higher levels of import shipments than previous years, particularly from Asia Pacific. Romania’s top export destinations – primarily the EU – in 2015 posted stable, if unspectacular, growth, in line with the overall macroeconomic situation and consumer environment in the region.


There is no particular reason to suspect that this trend for growth in Romania for 2016 will alter markedly, despite the well-documented challenges present currently in the key Chinese market. Romania’s healthy GDP growth – certainly in comparison to other European countries – should ensure that the demand for international express remains buoyant in 2016 and beyond. Increasingly, we perceive a demand for some customers to relocate production from Western Europe and Asia to Eastern Europe – which could be a huge source of growth and investment potential for Romania.

2. What are the engines of growth for DHL Romania in 2015? Do you see any structural change in terms of the growth sources in the future? Which have been the ‘nice surprises’ (what has gone better than expected in 2015) and what has gone different from what you expected in 2015?


Express services are utilized by all sectors of the economy, and as such it is incumbent upon us to offer equal levels of quality service to all our customers, from the biggest – some of the most significant foreign investors in the country – to private individuals who require support sending documents and parcels to their colleagues, relatives and friends abroad. What is perhaps surprising is the considerable growth in the latter segment, which represents ‘private person’ shipments. This sector in 2015 has outstripped the already healthy progress of our corporate customers. This is, it would seem, a reflection of both the growing ‘internationalization’ of Romanian consumers, but also a result of DHL’s expansion in the retail area, particularly through our service points in Malls and High Street locations across the whole of Romania.


3. On your market, we can identify at least two components that are critical for future development: the public infrastructure and your own private infrastructure. How would you describe the development of these two components in 2015 (as targets and as expectations)?


The two are to a large degree interlinked, and I think in both areas there has been quite significant progress made. Certainly, we are encouraged by much of the investments that are being made into airport facilities across the country. Better quality facilities enable faster shipment processing, and improvements in the levels of service we are able to offer to our customers. Road infrastructure continues to improve, albeit slowly. 2015 has been a significant year for DHL Romania’s infrastructure projects: not only have we updated our fleet of vehicles, but we have significantly expanded our operational facility in Cluj, and next month, a new state-of-the-art express facility will be launched in Timisoara. We are therefore satisfied with the progress made this year, and are confident that these investments will assist with the facilitation of growth service quality, and in turn, our customers’ businesses.


4. How do you see the competition on your market? What makes you unique on this market?

We welcome healthy competition in our industry, as this ultimately leads to better quality demands that are placed upon providers, and better levels of quality for our customers. As Romania progresses and develops, the levels of pressure from customers who expect outstanding service at ever-lower prices increases. This in turn requires consistent investment in providers’ infrastructure and service provision, a challenge which DHL takes as a priority.


Romania remains a key market in Eastern Europe for our organization, and as such we will continue to invest in our people and infrastructure here. Every member of our staff is a Certified International Specialist, with qualifications and knowledge of our industry. So, whilst we believe that our experience in Romania – we celebrate our 25 Year Anniversary in the country in 2016 – our 50+ locations around the country, and our consistent investment across the business put us in the forefront of the industry, it is ultimately our people’s professionalism, knowledge and motivation that will ensure that we remain the first choice for our customers.