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2020 will be remembered forever as a game changer

Interview with TAL LAHAV , CEO, Sixt Group Romania

A partner for the long run

Interview with UFUK TANDOGAN, CEO, Garanti Bank Romania

Why and How to Stand out as a Business Leader in the New Era

Interview with Carmen Stefan, Business Strategist

Make the impossible possible - Always yes with Sixt New Kopel Group

MCR Interview: Tal Lahav, CEO SIXT New Kopel Group

Cloud adoption is on high speed

MCR Interview: Victor Maghiari, Oracle Digital Director, Central Europe

Investment will remain a key

The ‘new normal’ in Romania, as in other EU countries, will be characterized by…

Business Process Outsourcing - a market in evolution

2013 is shaping up to be another year of mediocre growth for Romania, with…

The key word for the universal language of business is predictability

Romanian business and political elites should embark on a new major challenge, pooling…

Invest in Romania!

I find it rather hard to talk about Romania’s national investment strategy as efficiently…

A matter of good will

A healthy system cannot function without solid investments. A phenomenon that has to be…

It's all about the money

Irrespective of how one calls reform, it comes down to seeking to attract more…

It all depends on the start

As in many other areas, by the end, everything is related to the people’s…