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PayWell 2021: Private sector gross salaries expected to increase by an average of 8.11% in 2022

This case occurs after an average increase of 8.94% this year

How we deal with teamwork in remote teams

Author: George Agafitei, Trainer & Coach, Partner of the brand Valoria

The office market neared the 3 million sqm milestone, and the new supply remained well received in Bucharest, despite a lower demand compared to levels since 2012

The effects of the “pandemic year” continue to be felt in the Bucharest office…

Can REAL ESTATE become a vector of growth in terms of foreign direct investment?

Author: Dan Flesariu, Head of Real Estate Transactions, Strategy and Transactions, EY…

COVID-19 forces one of the biggest surges in technology investment in history, finds world’s largest technology leadership survey

Companies spent the equivalent of around US$15bn extra a week on technology to enable…



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Romania noului normal

Noul normal va fi munca hibrida

Freight that keeps the city alive

Interview with ALEXANDRU PANAIT, Mainfreight

Thriving leadership through pandemic

Interview with ANA BER , CONSULTANT AND MANAGING DIRECTOR, Pendl & Piswanger

Seizing opportunities: How to succeed in a changing business environment

Interview with BOGDAN FRATILA, Country Managing Partner of Röedl & Partner Romania

Trends and challenges for the real estate industry

Interview with Mircea Uzunov, Owner, Regatta Estate Company



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The pandemic has increased the need for air purifiers equipped with innovative technologies. It is confirmed the effectiveness of Daikin air purifiers against respiratory viruses

Daikin air purifiers eliminate over 99.98% of human coronavirus HCoV-229E in just 2.5…

Deloitte Romania strengthens management team by promoting four employees to directors in the risk advisory, tax, financial advisory and audit and assurance practices

Andrada Tanase, Monica Tariuc, Vlad Balan and Ion Efros are the four employees who…

BestJobs: Does work from home turn into work from anywhere?

Only 1 in 5 employees consider that they would get the employer's approval to…

Vodafone Romania reports the financial results for fiscal year 2020/2021, ended March 31st, 2021

Service revenue is at EURO 801 million in the year ended March 31st, 2021…

Cum ne adaptam afacerea la un viitor incert?

Cum si-au adaptat companiile strategiile pentru a respecta politicile de securitate in…