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Deloitte study: more than half of the local companies have plans to reduce carbon emissions, which will be funded mainly from internal sources and EU funds

Local companies operating in the manufacturing, financial services and consumer business…

Community Index Magazine, the bilingual yearbook dedicated to community investments in Romania, has reached its 3rd edition in 2021

The publication can be especially useful not only for professionals in the field but…

Why Romania should enter the Banking Union even without adopting the Euro

Opinion article by Dimitrios Goranitis, Risk Advisory Partner, Deloitte Romania, and leader…

ALTEX Romania continues its environmental protection actions together with ECOTIC, through the Scrap for household appliances campaign

In the over 7 years since the first campaign and until now, 82,000 tons…

Circular economy - the return to nature

Interview Gabriel Andronescu, Country General Manager, CHEP Pooling Services Romania


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Packaging industry: innovation is the key word

The packaging industry was affected by the crisis that started in Europe at the…

Shale Gas Investments in Romania: Contemplating the Environmental Challenges

Highly debated matter of shale gas asks for an appropriate legislation in order to…


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Schneider Electric at CES 2022: the homes of the future - smart and sustainable

Consumers realize the value of building not only a smart home, but also a…

What happens to the new tax of 0.8 euro / kg for non-recycled plastic packaging waste?

Authors: Ludmila Petrescu, Senior Manager, Andreea Giovani, Senior Manager

An extra year for Recolamp. Over 2,600 tons of electrical and electronic equipment, collected, treated and recycled in 2020

Although a difficult year ended, the efforts of the Recolamp Association were sustained…

Sameday will use 100% recycled plastic bags in the delivery process

Sameday aims to become the most eco-friendly courier provider in Romania

Dove will use 100% recycled plastic bottles and will completely remove the plastic from the cream-soap packaging in several markets, including Romania

Dove will eliminate the use of over 20,500 tons of virgin plastic each year


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Manufacture and distribution of: - PTFE semi-products (rods, sleeves, plates, sheet) and finished parts…


Represents DISTRIBUTION COBA INC., a division of CANADIAN FOREST PRODUCTS Ltd. to import and…


Production and trade of: - expanded plastic foil; - polyethylene foil, bags and sacs,…


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