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The pandemic shall pass, but consumers’ behaviors remain... changed

Author: Constantin Magdalina, Emerging Trends and Technologies Expert

Deloitte State of Consumer Tracker: more than half of the European consumers plan to postpone buying a new vehicle

All the sectors related to mobility have been heavily shaken by the recent health…

7 marketing and sales challenges in the post-COVID economy

Author: Elena Badea, Managing Partner, Valoria Business Solutions

Online reviews, more and more important in the decision to buy appliances

Results of the GfK FutureBuy study on the influence of technology on purchasing behavior

Virtualization of shopping in Romania

The pervasing access to the Internet and to online stores has impacted consumer behavior.


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Online Shopping Championship

Who buys more, women or men? If a traditional shopping championship is held, the…

Finnair chooses Amadeus to increase its profitability through advanced revenue management

Amadeus Network Revenue Management uses Big Data and scientific algorithms to improve…