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A premiere for Romania: more than 4 tons of wheat per hectares in 2016; the total production is over 8.4 million tons

According to AGERPRES, the Romanian wheat production has increased this year by 7% compared…


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UPT researchers developed, for the first time, the prototype of a sterilization device for the air expired by COVID-19 patients

UPT claims that this is a premiere, "at least national" - informs AGERPRES

ProfiCircle launches for the first time for Romanian companies a new type of marketplace - Market Network, dedicated to the purchase of industrial shelves and commercial equipment

Through the platform, a company can make purchases for shelving and equipment projects…

The printing company Sunimprof Rottaprint will produce for the first time in Romania a new model of aluminum caps for the food industry

The company invested over 520,000 euros in 2019 for the development of new products

Legrand and Samsung are launching for the first time in Romania a solution for smart hotel rooms

Samsung LYNK HMS (Hotel Management System) solution turns the TV in the hotel room…

The practice of tax litigation within the EY marks a premiere in the field of excisable products, in favor of one of the largest refineries in Romania

The taxation of excise goods, which required the reconditioning within a fiscal warehouse…