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How does the beginning of the year look like in taxation and how much can companies expect from state support?

Daniel Anghel, Coordinating partner of fiscal and legal services PwC Romania

Legal tips on moving your business online

Authors: Cristiana Fernbach, Partner & Flavius Florea, Senior Manager, KPMG Legal – Toncescu…

DRAFT LAW for amending and supplementing the Government Emergency Ordinance no. 147/2020 on granting days off for parents

Authors: Anca Zegrean - Head of Labor Practice, Kira Bujduveanu - Associate, Georgiana…

Scheduling the payment of debts accumulated in the pandemic - a beneficial measure, but perfectible

An opinion material by Vlad Vatavu, Direct Tax Manager, Deloitte Romania, and Mircea Farcau,…

GEO no. 153/2020 for the establishment of fiscal measures to stimulate the maintenance / increase of equity, as well as for the completion of normative acts

Authors: Ruxandra Jianu, Tax Partner; Anda Diaconescu, Associate; Paul Chichernea, Tax…



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Romania is Betting high on Renewable Energy

Interview with Zoltan Nagy-Bege, Vice-President - ANRE

A period of extraordinary change

Interview with Gabriel Ivan, Country General Manager - CHEP Romania

About Romania’s fiscal turmoil and its adjustment to the Industrial Revolution 4.0

Interview with Gabriel Biris, Managing Partner, Biris Goran

Political uncertainty, clear communication and investor conf idence

2013 has been a year which brought to mind the late 1990s, with many…

Watch out for Energy Watchdog!

2011 and especially 2012 were special. The drought affected the production of large hydro…


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European funds for working capital and investments for SMEs

Author: Roxana Mircea, REI Finance Advisors

New Electricity and Natural Gas Law

Law 155 is the last one of a number of recent normative acts whereby…

CNIPMMR position concerning the draft GEO regarding the establishment of support measures for day laborers, seasonal employees and those who worked in the telework system

CNIPMMR sustains the Government's initiative to provide financial support, thus stimulating…

CNIPMMR position concering the draft GEO regarding the modification of the labor code - law no. 53/2003

CNIPMMR supports the initiative of the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection, which…

Press release regarding the registration at the Credit Risk Center of the payment obligations suspended by GEO 37/2020

The delay in payment caused by the SARS –CoV -2 coronavirus pandemic should not…