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The new fiscal treatment of meal vouchers. How can the health contribution be covered?

Opinion material by Ana-Maria Hoborici, Manager, Outsourced Service Solutions, Deloitte…

Complying with international sanctions: new regulatory measures proposed at the EU level. Do companies know their risks and how to mitigate them?

Opinion article by Laura Lica-Banu, Director, Silvia Iancus, Manager, Financial Advisory,…

International road transport of goods on the national territory, under the monitoring of RO e-Transport

Authors: Florin Neagoe, Manager, Elena Zaharia, Senior Consultant, Rares Stanescu, Director

What fiscal obligations can excise tax payers reschedule and under what conditions?

Opinion material by Raluca Baldea, Fiscal Services Partner, Deloitte Romania, Emanuel…

New reporting obligations for digital platforms operators

The main purpose is for the tax authorities within the Member States to check…



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CE Oltenia’s transformation, with a balanced, low carbon and profitable portfolio of generation capacities, is of strategic importance for Romania

Interview with Mrs. LACRAMIOARA DIACONU-PINTEA, Member of the Board of Directors, CE Oltenia

Romania is Betting high on Renewable Energy

Interview with Zoltan Nagy-Bege, Vice-President - ANRE

A period of extraordinary change

Interview with Gabriel Ivan, Country General Manager - CHEP Romania

About Romania’s fiscal turmoil and its adjustment to the Industrial Revolution 4.0

Interview with Gabriel Biris, Managing Partner, Biris Goran

Political uncertainty, clear communication and investor conf idence

2013 has been a year which brought to mind the late 1990s, with many…


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The European Commission has not extended restrictions on cereal imports

Import of cereals from Ukraine conditional on obtaining an agreement for release for free…

The VAT rates will increase from next year, with implications in the food and real estate sectors

Authors: Izabela Stoicescu, Senior Manager PwC Romania and Cristina Florea, Senior Consultant…

Plastic-free ordinance: Manufacturers will have to cover costs for waste management and consumer accountability campaigns

Authors: Ludmila Petrescu, Senior Manager PwC Romania, Carmen Dan, Manager

ING Bank Romania customers have the possibility to request the postponement of payment obligations until March 15, 2021

ING Bank Romania mentions that the suspension of payment obligations does not mean their…