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Coronavirus Global Economic Outlook: July 2020

This baseline forecast is assigned a 41.0-51.0% probability at a one-year horizon

PwC Global Mobility Survey: Just 12%of the respondents  felt that the pandemic will trigger a fundamental rethink on mobility

At the same time, 20% believed that the number of international moves will decrease…

Can AI and Technology Help Fashion Retailers During Coronavirus?

Helping retailers deliver exceptional personalisation and customer service, Intelistyle…

Value supports the recalibration of companies to the new business context

Against the background of this obvious uncertainty, companies and employees have had,…

The Covid-19 pandemic, an opportunity to reduce the dependency towards „Made in China” brand

The trade deficit of the EU community bloc in relation to China reached 164…



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Response,  Recovery, Reinvention

The 3Rs of the post-lockdown period, in which technology and digitization must be seen…


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Opportunities & Challenges after Lockdown - Rethink Strategy – Insights from Business Leaders

A new webinar by Doingbusiness.ro from the Business Evolution series - Thursday, June…


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