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NBR Board decisions on monetary policy

On the domestic front, the incoming data and information since the NBR Board meeting…

Deloitte survey: New loan disbursements can rebound in 2021, supported by regulatory measures to sustain the lending activity of banks

The survey underlines that the banks in the CEE region have significantly improved their…

The debt sales market is waiting for the thaw before the winter comes… in the economy

Authors: Diana Coroaba, PwC Romania Partner and Inge Abdulcair, PwC Romania Director

The chase for liquidity and access to cash in crisis: What role do transfer pricing play?

Authors: Daniela Dinu, Director, PwC Romania and Ana Sacal, Senior Manager, PwC Romania

Central European private equity firms hit lowest confidence level since the financial crisis, but they are more optimistic than in 2008

2020 is expected to be a good vintage, with falling prices creating a buyers’…


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There is no easy sale around

Interview with STEFANO ALBAROSA, CEO, AIC Trucks

Financial education, a decisive factor for the banking sector equilibrium

Interview with Sergiu Oprescu, Executive President Alpha Bank Romania and President of…

The future of banking is digital

Ufuk Tandogan, Garanti Bank Romania’s CEO speaks about technology, Big Data, and artificial…

Make the impossible possible - Always yes with Sixt New Kopel Group

MCR Interview: Tal Lahav, CEO SIXT New Kopel Group

Well-managed Data Will Drive Revenue, Reduce Costs and Mitigate Risks

There is no right or wrong way in practicing analytics, just commute into analytical…


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Ionut Lianu is the new boss over the balance sheet of CEC Bank

Ionut Lianu (40 years old), as Chief Officer, will manage the assets and liabilities…

National Bank of Romania - Press statement

Public health developments continue to generate unprecedented uncertainty

Press release

Mugur Isarescu - Governor of the National Bank of Romania

Press release

The NBR has considerably increased the volume of repo operations performed on a bilateral…

Instant Factoring proposes to small companies pragmatic solutions to avoid financial deadlock

Instant Factoring offers to small companies and micro-enterprises a liquidity volume of…