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Deloitte experts: the new turnover tax will increase the effective tax rate to 20%-30% and could bring an additional 6.5 billion lei to the budget next year

The law could enter into force as early as October, given that it only…

Overtaxation and progressive tax, two false topics of debate at the moment. How can the budget imbalance be corrected?

Daniel Anghel, Partner and Leader of the Fiscal and Legal Consulting Department, PwC Romania

The regulatory and taxation framework for vehicles in Romania must be updated to support the gradual transition to less polluting vehicles

Romanian E-mobility Index (REI 6) – The new framework for regulation and taxation of…

PwC analysis: What changes occur in the taxation of natural persons' incomes and which areas are mainly targeted?

Authors: Bogdan Carpa-veche, Senior Manager PwC Romania and Irina Nutescu, Senior Manager…

New property tax rules. What changes from 2023 and how much more will we pay?

Opinion material by Ana Petrescu-Mujdei, Senior Manager, Direct Taxation, Deloitte Romania


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Declaration and taxation of rental income. Fiscal facilities valid in the context of the pandemic

Opinion material by Radu Derscariu, Director, and Simona Badoiu, Manager, Global Employer…

The new taxing rules for controlled foreign companies will significantly affect the activity of multinational groups in our country

The Directive (EU) 2016/1164, adopted on July 12, 2016 will bring a number of…