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The lure of consumption-based growth strikes back

Top executives say that lowering the taxation of work is the immediate main measure…

Social Progress Index analyzing the quality of life and social wellbeing: Romania falls on the 45th place in the global ranking

Romania is ranked 45 out of 149 countries, being surpassed by all the other…

Deloitte survey: Central European private equity market focuses more on portfolio management

According to the latest Deloitte Central Europe Private Equity Confidence Survey, many Central European…

Romania in the Regional Context

Softening growth and elevated uncertainty are clouding global economic prospects - World Bank

How can companies prepare for ANSPDCP investigation

What can a company do if ANSPDCP initiates an investigation into its activity? How…


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There is no easy sale around

Interview with STEFANO ALBAROSA, CEO, AIC Trucks

Allianz-Tiriac simplifies products and invests in digital solutions to improve customer experience

Interview with VIRGIL SONCUTEAN, CEO, Allianz -Tiriac Asigurari

A partner for the long run

Interview with UFUK TANDOGAN, CEO, Garanti Bank Romania

Allianz-Tiriac protect the customers to stay in charge

Interview with Virgil Soncutean, CEO - Allianz-Tiriac Insurance

Bringing Life into the Banking Sector

Interview with Ufuk Tandoğan, CEO - Garanti Bank Romania


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NBR Board decisions on monetary policy

The NBR Board decided, among other things, to keep the monetary policy rate ​​and…

KPMG Legal Romania makes a strategic move in Technology, IP and Privacy advisory by absorbing the law firm Fernbach & Partners

Cristiana Fernbach joins the management team as coordinating Partner of the Technology, IP and…

Deloitte Academy brings in Romania the first IoT and AI cybersecurity trainings through new partnership with CertNexus

The new certification programs that Deloitte Academy adds to its public training schedule broaden…

Sypher enters into a partnership with Mediapost HitMail to enter the Bulgarian GDPR solutions market

The Romanian company targets a market share of 25% among the companies that seek…

The amount of the first fine for the GDR violation puts us on the second place in Central and   Eastern Europe

The most important moment for the companies in Romania after the GDPR came into…


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Activitati de arhitectura


Transporturi rutiere de marfuri


Fabricare masini si utilaje agicole. Fabricare piese schimb pentru utilaje agricole, pentru pompe si…


Taierea si rindeluirea lemnului


Need to implement GDPR? Discover tools to save time, collaborate easier with external legal…