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Deloitte study: working from home reduces the stress level for Millennials and Generation Z

According to the study, stress remains a critical issue for young generations and it…

Global Economic Forecasts Q1 2021

The overall outlook is more optimistic in Q1 2021, with significantly lower downside risks

PwC Report: The productivity boost from 5G technology will add USD 1.3 trillion to global GDP by 2030

PwC’s projections show that 5G technology, used in conjunction with investments in artificial…

COVID-19 is changing consumer behavior worldwide; business needs to adapt rapidly

Consumers are staying and working from home more, prioritizing savings over spending and…



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Innovative solutions are the ticket to success

Interview with Elena Pap, General Manager, UP Romania

Romanian companies, in need of a highly competent corporate governance

A state-of-the-art corporate governance would help Romanian companies utilize, in the…


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National Bank of Romania - Press statement

Public health developments continue to generate unprecedented uncertainty

Romania accesses 400 million euros to combat the socio-economic impact of the coronavirus pandemic

The World Bank is ready to support Romania in its fight against the COVID-19…

Deloitte Fundation donates EUR 100,000 to Matei Bals Institute and to the National Public Health Institute to support the efforts to manage the COVID-19 crisis

Through Deloitte Foundation, Deloitte Romania gets involved by providing financial support…

Instant Factoring, the first Romanian micro-financing platform for small companies, attracts an external financing of 1.5 million euros

Instant Factoring, first Romanian online micro-factoring company for SMEs, received a…

Lidl Romania publishes first Sustainability Report measures on 22 issues of social, economic and environmental impact themes

The report, developed according to the latest international for reporting non-financial,…