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DefCamp 2023: The number of incidents caused by ransomware attacks increased by 79%

Ways to prepare for such attacks, as well as solutions to today's cybersecurity problems,…

Cybercrime is the most widespread and disruptive event experienced by companies in the last two years. What steps should you follow if you have been the victim of a cyber attack?

Authors: Mircea Bozga, Partner, PwC Romania and Ana Sebov, Director and Forensic Leader,…

Cyber ​​attacks on SMEs increased 6 times in 2021 compared to 2020

The current cyber landscape, analyzed at the Microsoft event "Embrace Proactive Security…

The newest challenges in the field of cyber security, analyzed by the experts present at the Microsoft event - Embrace proactive security with Zero Trust

Specialists expect that, by 2025, the cost of cybercrime will reach 10.5 trillion dollars…

GECS 2022: 46% of organisations reported experiencing fraud or financial crime over the last 24 months

Overall, fraud and economic crime rates show no increase since 2020, despite supply chain…


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Enabling digitalization in public sector will bridge the gap between idea and reality

Interview with Mr. Bogdan Putinică – Microsoft Romania

Allianz-Tiriac protect the customers to stay in charge

Interview with Virgil Soncutean, CEO - Allianz-Tiriac Insurance

Allianz-Tiriac protect the customers to stay in charge

Interview with Virgil Soncutean, CEO - Allianz-Tiriac Insurance


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UNbreakable Romania opens the registration period for the 2023 edition of the end-to-end cybersecurity educational program for high school and university students

UNbreakable plays an important role in developing the next generation of experts in the…

DefCamp 2022: The number of ransomware attacks in just three months of 2022 has more than doubled compared to the total number of attacks in the last year

Politically sponsored cybercrime has been on the rise amid the geopolitical context. What…

Microsoft is introducing a new line of services - Microsoft Security Experts, which provides integrated security solutions for organizations

Vasu Jakkal, Corporate Vice President, Security, Compliance, Identity, and Management

New EY partnerships – Microsoft helps companies in the fight against cybercrimes

The EY information management service pack – EY Cybersecurity as a Service (Caas) –…

CERT-RO supports the training of the magistrates to combat cybercrime

According to AGERPRES, the cybersecurity specialists CERT-RO participated to the preparation…