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Becoming the Banker of Tomorrow

An article based on the book “Becoming the Banker of Tomorrow: A Five-Land Journey”…

Top managers tend to put their personal health on the last place

Burnout, the phenomenon that affects almost half of the active population of the planet…


2 results (tag: burnout)

Best health and wellness in Romania by Pescariu Sports&SPA

Interview with Letitia Pescariu, Managing Partner, Pescariu Sports&SPA

The three main elements of effective leadership today

Personal management is the cornerstone of the effective leadership today


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Secom organizes an educational conference on burnout, syndrome of professional exhaustion

According to a recent study, 8% of Romanians are affected by burnout *

Health and inner balance under socio-professional pressure. Taboo behind social status

The CAREERS Magazine adds to its series of events a new conference, "Health and…