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At the biggest summer festivals, the brands were the stars on the digital scene of the activations implemented by the Experiential by Syscom Digital division

Those who attend concerts are more likely to buy products from brands that are…

The FR and PHEV versions for SEAT Tarraco: technology, sportiness and efficiency

The FR and PHEV versions of SEAT Tarraco will be launched at the Frankfurt…

What to

Giving the reduced importance of B2B marketing is still a reality of the Romanian…

Consumers reviews, an important benchmark for shopping

GfK FutureBuy study results on the influence of technology on buying behavior

Deloitte analysis: The M&A market reduced its pace in the beginning of the year

The mergers and acquisitions market in Romania has seen a significant decline in the…


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Mission Impossible: the Perfect Business Plan for Long Term Success

Interview with Iulian Trandafir, CEO – Farmexpert

Why and How to Stand out as a Business Leader in the New Era

Interview with Carmen Stefan, Business Strategist

The New Renaissance - about Business in the Era of Slowbalization

Interview with Adjiedj Bakas, Futurologist

Innovation and ROI: the final frontiers in marketing?

Interview with Dan Cirstea, Managing Partner, United Media

Best health and wellness in Romania by Pescariu Sports&SPA

Interview with Letitia Pescariu, Managing Partner, Pescariu Sports&SPA


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URBB registered a double-digit volume increase for premium and super-premium beers in the portfolio

United Romanian Breweries Bereprod (URBB) recorded a growth rate of 15% in volume of…

Top 5 reasons why managers choose to leave companies

• Lack of opportunities at the current company, conflict with superiors and desire for…

CEO ENEL, named in the United Nations

The GISD Alliance is the result of the appeal of the UN Secretary-General, António…

KPMG Legal Romania makes a strategic move in Technology, IP and Privacy advisory by absorbing the law firm Fernbach & Partners

Cristiana Fernbach joins the management team as coordinating Partner of the Technology, IP and…

Tiriac Collection presents two exceptional historical specimens belonging to the Jaguar and Mercedes-Benz brands, within the Bucharest Auto Show and Accessories 2019

Visitors will be able to admire a small part of the Tiriac Collection gallery,…


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The principal activity declared by the company is: Architectural activities


Comercializare si montaj: - acoperisuri din tabla tip tigla; - tigla metalica; - tigla…


Adira Labels SRL este o companie textila cu o experienta de 15 ani, care…


Executie: - tablouri si instalatii electrice de distributie, iluminat si automatizare; - instalatii sanitare…


Agentie de publicitate: - identitate de brand (creatie de logo, slogan si alte elemente…