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Trends in facility management in 2021

Author: Lucian Anghel, Founder and CEO, Timepal Romania and Facilities Management Services

Important aspects in the digitized facilities management in a world transformed by the COVID-19 pandemic

Author: Lucian Anghel, Fondator și CEO, Timepal Romania și Facilities Management Services

Start for the natural gas market liberalization on 1 July 2020

Author: Vlad Caragea, dipl.ing. Power Engineer Energypal - Timepal Romania

Humidifying indoor spaces can reduce coronavirus transmission and lower the risk of infection

Author: Lucian Anghel, Fondator și CEO, Timepal Romania și Facilities Management Services

EnergyPal: Only 14% of the companies have a smart metering system for the main equipments

According to the study "Energy efficiency in Romanian companies" carried out by EnergyPal,…



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The Right Moment

Lucian Anghel, president of the board of governors at the Bucharest Stock Exchange (BSE)…



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The company Facilities Management Services forecasts a 115% increase in turnover for 2018

Facilities Management Services (FMS), the company founded by the businessman Lucian Anghel,…

Very good results on the optional pension market for BCR Pensii

According to APAPR, BCR Plus recorded a 63% growth of gross contributions (in H1…

The White Book of SMEs in Romania 2015

On June 30th 2015, the Romanian language version of ‘The White Book of SMEs…

100,000 Romanians chose to save for their optional pension at BCR Plus

BCR Plus Optional Pension Fund surpassed 100,000 clients, registering 100,184 participants,…

BVB updated institutional investors in London on the recent developments of the romanian capital market

The latest developments in the Romanian capital market and the pace of reforms needed…