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The Covid-19 pandemic, an opportunity to reduce the dependency towards „Made in China” brand

The trade deficit of the EU community bloc in relation to China reached 164…

Is the pandemic revealing Romania’s potential to become an EU supply chain superhub?

Opinion article by Dimitrios Goranitis, Risk Advisory Partner, Deloitte Romania

The lure of consumption-based growth strikes back

Top executives say that lowering the taxation of work is the immediate main measure…

Valoria business outlook survey: Managers say that lowering the taxation of work is the main measure that would lead to the improvement of the business environment

The new edition of the survey "Romanian Business Outlook in 2019" launched today by…

What are the most important changes brought to the Romanian labor market by the Directive on work-life balance?

The Romanian employers will be obliged to consider any requests for granting flexible…


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Valuable guidance in a market with a strong workforce deficit

Interview with CIPRIAN DARABAN, Country Manager, Quanta Resurse Umane

Opportunity favors the prepared leader

Interview with Amalia Leorent, Commercial Director, Prefera Foods SA

Ionut Ardeleanu, Auchan Retail Romania: Digital transformation is yet to turn out results for the retail industry

Interview with Ionut Ardeleanu, General Director of Auchan Retail Romania

Romania's growth needs solid grounds and sustainable policies

Increasing competitiveness through innovation and R&D, brand enhancement and digitalization…

Can Romania become more competitive in a global market?

A short answer is that it takes time in order to see sustainable results


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A new forest of over 100 hectares in Fagaras and Leaota mountains

A new forest grows in the Fagaras and Leaota Mountains: this spring, the Conservation…

How do Romanian business leaders see the phenomenon of slowbalization and how does it change the future in   business - at CEO Conference – Shaping the Future

Over the next 50 years, we will experience more changes than we have done…

When will the man be dismissed of Artificial Intelligence?

If, from business to arts, Artificial Intelligence replaces people, we have the right…

CEO Conference – Shaping the Future Slowbalization – How to redesign the organization of the future

Over the next 50 years, we will experience more changes than we have done…

Data security and deficit of the specialists are the main risks for telecom operators at the beginning of the 5G era

Inefficient digital development is the main risk in the telecom industry