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The new normal means a need for financial services innovation

Innovation will always be the hot topic for the new banking, in the era…

Romanian real estate sector is turning the corner

The Romanian real estate market is still in an early stage of development but…


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A partner for the long run

Interview with UFUK TANDOGAN, CEO, Garanti Bank Romania

Bringing Life into the Banking Sector

Interview with Ufuk Tandoğan, CEO - Garanti Bank Romania

The future of banking is digital

Ufuk Tandogan, Garanti Bank Romania’s CEO speaks about technology, Big Data, and artificial intelligence…

Turkish businessmen, strong interest in cooperating with Romanian SMEs

Romania should become a producer, increase its productivity, find its own potential, and focus…


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Innova Project Consulting supports the entrepreneurial environment by organizing free seminars for sustainability or non-financial reporting

Innova Project Consulting, one of the few consulting companies in Romania with a concrete…

Novo Park business park extends the contract with Garanti Bank Romania by 2024

The Novo Park rented to the banking group totals 7,200 sqm in the F…

Garanti Group continues its growth in the Romanian market  and registers RON 631.5 million revenues in 2014

Garanti Group Romania, one of the most dynamic and innovative financial groups in the…

Business growth for Garanti Group Romania: revenues of EUR 70.2 million and profit of EUR 16.9 million in the first six months of 2014

Garanti Group Romania, one of the most dynamic and innovative financial Groups on the…

The GDP’s annual growth rate revised at 2.9%

Garanti Bank revised the GDP growth expectations for 2014 from 2.6% to 2.9% in…


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EUTRON is the first integrator and distributor of complex solutions for cash and customer…


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