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Consumers reviews, an important benchmark for shopping

GfK FutureBuy study results on the influence of technology on buying behavior

Retail stores in Europe: The largest increase in 2019 in Romania and Lithuania

GfK study on the retail situation in 27 European countries

Economic growth and purchasing power are not enough to gain consumer confidence

Only 11% of Romanian consumers believe in a positive evolution of the economy and…


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Increasing purchasing power and growing appetite for spending and consumption within the next 3-5 years

The majority of us are eager to pay for emotions and memories when buying…

Addressing a rational informed consumer

If I were to describe the consumer in 2 words, and I am referring…


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Three quarters of Romanians renovate their homes themselves

The results of the GfK Romania study on the buying behavior on the washable…

Global sales of smartphones have reached $ 522 billion in 2018

With a market share of 44%, smartphones, mobile phones and wearables are still the…

2 out of 10 private insurance holders have a friendly relationship with the insurance company

What type of relationships do we have with brands? Are we complete strangers, casual…

Romanians hold twice more credits than savings

GfK study results analyzing the banking and security markets in Central and Eastern Europe…

GfK measures the power of laughter

Viacom International Media Networks (VIMN), a division of Viacom Inc., has released findings from…


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- Opinion pool, in-depth interviews, focus group; - Advertising and communication research, brand performance;…