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Reversal of exceptions and exemptions from the Fiscal Code: The countdown has begun

Daniel Anghel, Partner, Leader of fiscal and legal services PwC Romania

PwC Survey: Over 40% of Romanian companies expect tax facilities granted in pandemics to lead to new tax inspections

The survey shows that in most states in the region, the areas of interest…

PwC global survey: More than half of employees think few people will have stable long-term employment in the future

For many employees, that insecurity increases work-related anxiety, which has already…

How does the beginning of the year look like in taxation and how much can companies expect from state support?

Daniel Anghel, Coordinating partner of fiscal and legal services PwC Romania

Digital Auto Report 2020: COVID-19 pandemic shifted the consumer mobility preferences, the personal car becomes the main option again

Earlier this year, estimates indicated an increase in consumer preference for mobility…


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After three years of waiting, the fiscal changes required by the business environment were adopted: Top 10 news

Daniel Anghel, Partner, Leader of the Fiscal and Legal Consulting Department of PwC Romania

Countries affected by the COVID-19 epidemic propose fiscal incentives to support the economy. Similar measures are required also in Romania

Daniel Anghel, Coordinating partner for fiscal and legal services PwC Romania

Government must be more agile and learn how to do more with less in the aftermath of the global crisis, shows a PwC report

Public sector organizations around the world face a stark challenge: how to adjust to…

D&B David si Baias SCA and PwC Romania get new ruling suspending tax assessment on goods not repossessed of leasing companies

The members of the D&B David si Baias SCA and PwC Romania joint team…