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CEOs rewrite the rulebook in pursuit of growth

Two-thirds of CEOs say that agility is the new currency of business and that…

Study: What plans and budgets do Romanians have for holidays?

A study by OLX shows how many Romanians have made holiday plans, how they…

Becoming the Banker of Tomorrow

An article based on the book “Becoming the Banker of Tomorrow: A Five-Land Journey”…

Is your portfolio fit for the future or fashioned on the past?

Businesses are reshaping for a better tomorrow through portfolio transformation. By EY Romania

Romanian industries facing or fearing AI?

Change is one of the biggest fears humanity has developed. Leaving our comfort zone…


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Mission Impossible: the Perfect Business Plan for Long Term Success

Interview with Iulian Trandafir, CEO – Farmexpert

I am Just Following up my Dream

Interview with Liviu Dragan, Chairman - Druid Romania

A period of extraordinary change

Interview with Gabriel Ivan, Country General Manager - CHEP Romania

SMART Transformation of Energy Companies is the Future of the Energy Sector

Interview with Ondrej Safar, Country Manager - CEZ Group in Romania

Technology can revolutionize productivity and reduce risk

Interview with Mariana Garstea, General Manager, SIXENSE Romania


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Ariston Thermo Romania: Thermal power plant, the first option for new homes

The use of thermal power plants for heating homes gives long-term results, as this…

Tremend and Mastercard enter a strategic alliance to digitize the payments sector

Tremend Software Consulting, has entered into a strategic partnership with Mastercard Romania to bring…

Yango launches the new Comfort service in Bucharest

After successfully launching in June, the Yango e-hailing application introduces the new Comfort service…

Contact Centers Going Cloud and Shape Perfect Customer Experience

Gartner states that the global public cloud services market is going to hit 17.5…

Yango brings new features to the Romanian e-hailing market

With its launch in Bucharest, Yango's e-hailing digital application introduces a number of new,…


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Lucrari de instalatii sanitare, termice, de gaze si sisteme de ventilatie.


Products of precision engineering: - Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Controls; - Commercial Compressors; -…


Productie de tamplarie aluminiu si PVC, jaluzele verticale.


We are manufacturing beds since 2009 to provide you comfortable and qualified sleep. Owning…


Phoenicia Comfort este un hotel de 4 stele situat in zona de nord a…