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Deloitte analysis: The M&A activity slowed down in the third quarter of 2019, but remains solid

The mergers and acquisitions (M&A) market was solid in the third quarter of 2019,…

Romania in the Regional Context

Softening growth and elevated uncertainty are clouding global economic prospects - World Bank

Instant Factoring: The volume of funding requests increased fivefold in the first half of the year compared to last semester

The company targets a volume of funding of about 15 million euros in 2019

Decarbonisation, digitization and decentralization accelerate the evolution towards a new world of energy

Most markets have revised their policies and have more ambitious green energy targets

Trading activity on the global IPO market declines in the second quarter of 2019

Technology, health and industry were the most active sectors in the first half of…


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Proactive, innovative and flexible in order to always offer best solutions for our clients

Interview with CATALIN PUTINEANU, Managing Director, IB Cargo

The most advanced cargo groupage distribution network  in Romania

Interview with DRAGOS GELETU, Managing Director , KLG Europe

The New Renaissance - about Business in the Era of Slowbalization

Interview with Adjiedj Bakas, Futurologist

Freight forwarding, a barometer for the global economy

Interview with Catalin Putineanu, Managing Director, IB Cargo

The winners will be the ones faster adapting to change

Interview with Marius Persinaru, Country President Romania & Republic of Moldova, Schneider Electric


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Romania will be represented by Instant Factoring at the grand final of the Global Startup Awards, in China, on December 11-14

Global Startup Awards is the largest independent competition for startups, which has the role…

Reff & Associates and Deloitte Romania assisted Danish group Vestas Wind Systems in the sale of windfarms to Ingka Group’s investment division

Reff & Associates, the law firm representing Deloitte Legal in Romania, assisted the Danish…

50th Anniversary of the First Step on the Moon: Top 10 Similar Places on Earth

The team of momondo.ro - the free motor search engine has found places on…

The shares of iHunt, the first online retailer listed on the Bucharest Stock Exchange, entered on Tuesday's trading

According to AGERPRES, the shares of iHunt, first online retailer listed on the Bucharest…

Microsoft - the first anniversary of GDPR, a year of progress in the field of privacy

May 25 marks one year after the official entry into force of the EU's…


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Fabricarea articolelor de voiaj si marochinarie si a articolelor de harnasament


Fabricarea articolelor de voiaj si marochinarie si a articolelor de harnasament


Fabricarea articolelor de voiaj si marochinarie si a articolelor de harnasament


- Productie de obiecte turnate din zamac, de complexitate ridicata, specializata pe executia medaliilor,…


Productie si comercializare obiecte de marochinarie, marochinarie scolara si obiecte promotionale (ghiozdane, rucsace, genti,…