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The lure of consumption-based growth strikes back

Top executives say that lowering the taxation of work is the immediate main measure…

Valoria business outlook survey: Managers say that lowering the taxation of work is the main measure that would lead to the improvement of the business environment

The new edition of the survey "Romanian Business Outlook in 2019" launched today by…

Jim Goodnight, SAS CEO: Neither the data nor their analysis helps companies grow, but the decisions that are made based on them

The inability of companies to take advantage of their data and analytics tools is…

Crestere comerciala solida si utilizare tot mai intensa a canalelor digitale in prima jumatate a anului 2019

Noul CEO, Mihaela Bitu, a preluat conducerea bancii, nu doar intr-o noua etapa din…

The New Performance Management is Here – Have you Tried it Yet?

As organizations and their workforces become more agile, strategies more dynamic and deliverables more…


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There is no easy sale around

Interview with STEFANO ALBAROSA, CEO, AIC Trucks

The benefits of going digital all-in

Interview with MARIUS PERSINARU, CEO, Schneider Electric

Tallent  always shines

Interview with COSTIN AVRAM, CEO, Crystal System

A lifetime of changes and innovation

Interview with RADU GARBEA, GENERAL MANAGER, Kaeser Kompressoren (Romania)

Allianz-Tiriac simplifies products and invests in digital solutions to improve customer experience

Interview with VIRGIL SONCUTEAN, CEO, Allianz -Tiriac Asigurari


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GapMinder makes a follow-on investment in FintechOS which raises USD 14m in total

FintechOS, has announced today that it has raised a USD 14M Series A

The best performance in the last 5 years for the DENT ESTET group at nine months: 34% increase in Sales compared to 2018

The value of sales of the whole group at nine months 2019: over RON…

Microsoft Envision Forum 2019: Romania, in a very good accelerated development area in terms of digital transformation

The Microsoft Envision Forum, the 7th edition of Microsoft Romania's annual business and technology…

Electrogrup develops a 5G network in the Netherlands

The project in the Netherlands will run for two years and includes the installation…

Instant Factoring closes a pre-Series A capital raising round of € 500,000 worth

Instant Factoring supports the development of small companies, with a turnover of up to…


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CEO Conference - Shaping the Future, Bucharest, 2015

Bucharest, Radisson Blu, 19-20 February 2015

CEO Conference - Shaping the Future, Bucharest, 2016

Bucharest, Stejarii Country Club, 23 November 2016

CEO Conference - Shaping the Future, Bucharest, 2017

Bucharest, Stejarii Country Club, 17 November 2017

CEO Conference - Shaping the Future, Bucharest, 2018

Bucharest, Stejarii Country Club, 22 May 2018


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